Anakbayan–East Bay


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Founded in 2007, we are a chapter of Anakbayan Philippines, a comprehensive national democratic mass organization of Filipino youth in the Philippines. Anakbayan unites youth from all backgrounds to achieve national democracy with a socialist perspective. Anakbayan holds the belief that Philippine society today is neither truly free nor democratic. The national democratic struggle seeks to realize true national liberation for the country and democratic rights for the people.


ANAK (Tagalog) child (a female or male child, a daughter or son)
BAYAN (Tagalog): The People/ Country/Homeland
ANAKBAYAN: Sons and Daughters of the People


Anakbayan–East Bay is a youth and student organization that seeks to build a progressive movement that engages, organizes, and mobilizes Filipino youth and students around the collective interest of poor and working-class Filipino communities in the East Bay; while linking their particular struggles to the conditions and popular movements for Philippine national democracy.


Our objectives are to promote, to educate, organize, and mobilize Filipin@ youth in Oakland/Eastbay around issues of social justice and social change with a special emphasis on and in connection with the principles of the movement in the Philippines towards true and national democracy.


Workers & Migrants: Anakbayan aligns with pro-people workers and migrants organizations in the Bay Area. We stand in solidarity with members of People’s Association of Workers and Immigrants (PAWIS) East Bay, National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON), and Committee for the Protection of Workers Rights (CPWR). Most recently, we have mobilized for the passage of the Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights (2012).

Human Rights: Anakbayan supports the fight for human rights in the Philippines. We respond to the call of human rights organizations against government-perpetrated violence and harassment against the people and extrajudicial killings in the Philippines.

Justice for Melissa Roxas: We support Melissa Roxas, a Filipina-American victim of state-sponsored abduction and torture in the Philippines, and her pursuit of justice and accountability. For more information on Melissa, visit

SOS (Save Our Schools, Anakbayan-USA): We, along with the other youth organizations under the banner of Anakbayan-USA, participate in a broad Save Our Schools (SOS) campaign, with the goal of preventing budget cuts, increasing access to free education, and advancing pro-people curricula. We have backed Proposition 30 (the Sales and Income Tax Increase Initiative of 2012) and the pro-people schools of the Philippine lumads.