“I am ND”



The importance of publishing our writing.


The socio-political struggle for national democracy (ND) in the Philippines is the main endeavor that propels Anakbayan–East Bay forward. The legal struggle for national liberation and democracy against U.S. imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucrat capitalism begins with the country’s many historical problems, which have evolved from the national experience that has its roots deep in colonialism and feudalism. The thread that runs through and connects all Anakbayan and Bayan chapters is a demand for national liberation and democracy—a painful admission that the Philippines is still very much a colony wrapped in a veneer of democracy.

In partnership with Anakbayan–East Bay, our writing workshop will cultivate works that engage with this political struggle for freedom, whether they speak directly to the ND movement or indirectly via individualistic personal struggle and narrative. As Junot Díaz said, “Literature gains its universality by being very specific.”

The “I am ND” campaign’s purpose is as following: to popularize the ND movement through vignettes of activists’ (as well as their supporters and allies) lives and experiences, to “humanize” the perceived militant stance of activists, and to challenge the ‘just angry, fist-pumping, rally-marching, chant-shouting, makibaka’ stereotypes and connotations that activists carry.

Our anthology, our varied and multi-layered narratives and poems, will challenge this single story construct for the politically engaged.